Quick Answer: What Is The Four Step CAF Process?

What is a CAF meeting at school?

If you are calling a multi-agency meeting considering the complex need of children and young people this is a CAF Meeting.

The purpose of the meeting is to address the holistic needs of the child/young person as identified in the Common Assessment (CAF).

The meeting should:- Allow.

everyone present to share information ….

What is a TAC meeting?

In English: A meeting between the family and different professionals to find support and help for a family where the social worker is not, at this stage, considering “Child In Need” status, “Child Protection” status or removing the child/ren. …

What replaced the Common Assessment Framework in 2014?

early help assessmentIn April 2014 the early help assessment (EHA) replaced the Common Assessment Framework (CAF).

What is CAF in France?

The CAF stands for ‘Caisse des Allocations Familiales’ and it is the government body that helps families by offering different services and benefits going from early childhood, crèche, halte garderies, education, holidays, family allowances, pregnancy benefits & housing benefits.

It is intended to be used as a holistic assessment of need to support multi-agency working. The process is entirely voluntary and informed consent from the parent/carer and or young person is mandatory, so families do not have to engage and if they do they can choose what information they want to share.

What is a CAF now called?

One safeguarding initiative that aims to uncover what support a child may need is a Common Assessment Framework, now known as an Early Help Assessment.

What is CAF CAF?

The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is the process to identify children who have additional needs, assess needs and strengths and to provide them with a co-ordinated, multi agency support plan to meet those needs.

What is a EHA?

What is Early Help Assessment or EHA? EHA is a simple way to help identify needs of children and families and make a plan to meet those needs. It is designed to be a shared tool which can be used by all agencies in Northamptonshire who are delivering early help.

What is CAF in health and social care?

The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is an assessment and planning tool, common across agencies, to ensure children and their families are supported effectively. CAF can be used for: concerns about how well a child is progressing (e.g. health, welfare, behaviour, progress in learning)

What is the CAF process?

Common Assessment Framework (CAF) The process identifies unmet needs and works with the family to highlight strengths and protective factors, identifying appropriate actions to address the needs. The voice of the child, young person and family is encouraged throughout the process.

What is the first stage of seeking support with the CAF?

How does the CAF operate? There are four main stages in completing a common assessment: identifying needs early, assessing those needs, delivering integrated services and reviewing progress.

What is a CAF used for?

The CAF is a shared assessment and planning framework for use across all children’s services and all local areas in England. It aims to help the early identification of children and young people’s additional needs and promote co-ordinated service provision to meet them. What does the CAF consist of?

Who decides whether a child is suffering from significant harm?

Under section 47 of the Children Act 1989, where a local authority has reasonable cause to suspect that a child (who lives or is found in their area) is suffering or is likely to suffer significant harm, it has a duty to make such enquiries as it considers necessary to decide whether to take any action to safeguard or …

When was the CAF introduced?

2004The draft ‘Common Assessment Framework’ was developed in late 2004 with its revised version published in 2005. CAF is a new, more standardised approach for assessing the needs of children for service and deciding how those needs should be addressed and met.

What is the assessment framework triangle?

The assessment triangle in Working Together to Safeguard Children provides a model, which should be used to examine how the different aspects of the child’s life and context interact and impact on the child.