Quick Answer: What Does Being Mousey Mean?

What does grin mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) intransitive verb.

: to draw back the lips so as to show the teeth especially in amusement or laughter broadly : smile grinning from ear to ear..

What does mousy hair mean?

mousy adjective (HAIR) Mousy hair is brown and not special or attractive.

Is mousey a word?

mousey adj. Alternative spelling of mousy.

How do you spell Mousey?

adjective, mous·i·er, mous·i·est. mousy.

Who is mousy in Piggy?

Mousy is a bot in the Piggy series. She can now be bought as a skin for 415 Piggy Tokens. Her character makes metallic thumps when nearby the player. She appears in the vent in Chapter 10, which is mall.

What is the meaning of hawkish?

1 : resembling or suggesting a hawk or the beak of a hawk in appearance a hawkish nose He has a thatch of black curly hair and hawkish features.—

What is mouseY in Javascript?

The mouseY variable in p5. js is used to store the current vertical position of the mouse, relative to (0, 0) of the canvas. If touch is used instead of mouse input, mouseX will hold the y value of the most recent touch point. Syntax: mouseY. Below programs illustrate the mouseY variable in p5.

What is the meaning of glean?

intransitive verb. 1 : to gather grain or other produce left by reapers. 2 : to gather information or material bit by bit.

What does it mean when someone is mousy?

adjective [usu ADJ n] If you describe someone as mousy, you mean that they are quiet and shy and that people do not notice them.

Is mousy a compliment?

Whether it’s describing a color, like your mousy brown sweater, or a personality, like a timid, mousy classmate, mousy is rarely a compliment.

Is grin a positive word?

Grin can have both a positive and a negative connotation. For example: There was a huge grin on his face after his parents gave him the perfect present – Grin and Smile are interchangable in this sentence. However, Grin can also be something sly, conniving or even evil.

What color is mousy hair?

The term is usually reserved for light brown hair shades that people think are too plain, dull, or uninspired. In reality, any shade of brunette is fair game to be called “mousy,” depending on the eye of the beholder. Summer might have been pushing us to “go blonde!

What does shy mean?

Shy means being nervous or reserved around other people, especially in a social situation. Someone who’s extremely shy might blush or stammer when talking to a group of people. Shy can also mean “tending to avoid,” like when someone is “camera shy,” or if they “shy away” from being straightforward.