Quick Answer: Is Casa Grande AZ Growing?

How far is Casa Grande from the Mexican border?

Distance from Casa Grande, AZ to Nogales, AZ There are 119.10 miles from Casa Grande to Nogales in southeast direction and 135 miles (217.26 kilometers) by car, following the I-19 S route.

Casa Grande and Nogales are 2 hours 18 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop ..

What grows well in Arizona?

Vegetables are placed in two distinct categories when it comes to planting in Arizona – cool-season crops and warm-season crops. Some cool-season planting includes beet, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, lettuce, onion, pea, potato, radish, spinach and turnip. These are hardy, frost tolerant plants.

How far is Phoenix from Casa Grande?

The total driving distance from Phoenix, AZ to Casa Grande, AZ is 48 miles or 77 kilometers.

What crops are grown in Casa Grande AZ?

They grow a variety of crops including, but not limited to alfalfa, hay, corn, cotton, wheat, citrus, olives and potatoes.

What city has the lowest crime rate in Arizona?

A Closer Look at Arizona’s Safest Cities of 2020Apache Junction reported zero murders and zero counts of rape.All of the safest cities are below the state’s property crime rate of 26.8, and only five are above the national rate of 22.Florence, the top city, is the only one to report fewer than 10 property crimes.More items…•

What’s the crime rate in Casa Grande Arizona?

The Casa Grande AZ crime rate for 2018 was 612.62 per 100,000 population, a 12.16% increase from 2016. The Casa Grande AZ crime rate for 2016 was 546.21 per 100,000 population, a 16.22% increase from 2015.

What fruits are in season in Arizona right now?

Seasonal Fruit and Vegetable ListApples, July through September.Apricots, May through June.Arugula, September through May.Asparagus, March, and April.Basil, August through November.Beets, November through May.Black-eyed peas, July through September.Blackberries, May and early June.More items…•

Who owns Casa Grande?

Lamar Companies, a New Jersey-based owner and operator of shopping centers, in partnership with Real Capital Solutions has acquired the Promenade at Casa Grande in Casa Grande, Arizona from Macerich.

What is the most dangerous city in Arizona?

TucsonFBI data shows Tucson among most dangerous cities in Arizona.

Is Casa Grande Arizona a good place to live?

For the past seven years, I have had an overall positive and pleasant experience living in Casa Grande. Though its small size, Casa Grande is a pleasant town containing the basic necessities for a community. it’s a small town that is quite. you can meet a lot of people that are nice.

What is Casa Grande AZ known for?

Casa Grande is also known for its commercial and residential growth, retail and accommodation options, stable local economy, dedicated City and County governments, wide range of services including excellent schools, outstanding medical care, employment opportunities, affordable housing, and much more.

What restaurants are in Casa Grande?

The Top Restaurants In Casa Grande, ArizonaTommy’s Bistro. Bistro, American, $$$ Facebook. … Creative Cafe. Restaurant, American, $$$ Facebook. … BeDillon’s Restaurant. Restaurant, American, $$$ … Red Estilo Mex. Restaurant, Mexican, $$$ … Brownie’s Cafe. Cafe, American, Dessert. … Big Wa Chinese Restaurant. Restaurant, Chinese. … Big House Cafe. Restaurant, Mexican, American.

How old is the Casa Grande Ruins?

about 700 yearsThe Casa Grande was built about 700 years ago around AD1300-1350. How do we know this? There are several techniques archeologists use to determine the age of an artifact, feature or ecofact.

How safe is Casa Grande AZ?

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Casa Grande is 1 in 36. Based on FBI crime data, Casa Grande is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Arizona, Casa Grande has a crime rate that is higher than 71% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

What is Arizona’s cash crop?

Arizona’s biggest crop is lettuce, comprising about 20% of the state’s total crop production. Arizona is also a leading cotton-producing state ranking 10th in the nation. Hay and greenhouse and nursery production each generate about 1/2 of the revenues provided by cotton.